September 21, 2010

It’s You I Like
by Mister Rogers

It’s you I like,
It’s not the things you wear,
It’s not the way you do your hair–
But it’s you I like.
The way you are right now,
The way down deep inside you–
Not the things that hide you,
Not your toys–
They’re just beside you.

But it’s you I like–
Every part of you,
Your skin, your eyes, your feelings
Whether old or new.
I hope that you’ll remember
Even when you’re feeling blue
That it’s you I like,
It’s you yourself,
It’s you, it’s you I like.

Venue - Club Continental
Bagpipes - Jim Sloan
Wedding Coordinator & Florist - Lauren Cowgill of Windham Events & Design
Cake – Piece A Cake

Of course their dogs were dressed in the same attire as the bridal party :)

Party foul!