November 11, 2010
There is just something about downtown Savannah.  Well not just one thing…probably lots of things.  There seems to be something in the air.  Maybe it’s all of the history or the ivy climbing the rich textured weathered walls or the mammoth oaks dressed with Spanish moss or the immense character of every back street…..hmmmm well it’s safe to say that we just plain old love Savannah.  Jess and Sean chose the most romantic city we have ever seen as the backdrop for the day they promised to love each other forever.  We couldn’t have imagined it any other way.  Jess & Sean ooze romance and joy and grace and character and it seems as though Savannah was built hundreds of years ago just for them…
Ceremony music:  The Wedding Violinist

This amazing dessert display was filled with yummy treats courtesy of Sean’s mom….and those cheesecake shooters were amazingly delicious!