November 18, 2010

PhotoFusion is one of the emerging trends in the photography industry and we decided to begin experimenting with it as a little creative project:)  For those of you who have not heard of it, PhotoFusion is the marriage of photos with short video clips to create a dynamic mixed media “short” highlighting some of the important moments of the wedding day.  It is supposed to be a very dense and emotive piece, not intending to document the entire day, but rather encapsulating the general ambience of the day. Well we probably explained that all wrong but that is our understanding of it and how we are interpreting it!!  On a side note, it is not limited to weddings but seems to be emerging in the wedding and journalism industries primarily.  So now that we’ve got the definition out of the way, let’s get some specifics straight!!  This is truly an experimentation phase for us and this was our first endeavor in creating PhotoFusion during a wedding.  While we are enormously proud of our first born Fusion, it is only the beginning of our adventures with this incredibly fun concept.  For this wedding, we utilized one of our dSLRs that has video capability, but we have since purchased another dSLR which gives us more creative options with video.  PhotoFusion is not something that we are currently offering (*yet*) as an addition to our wedding packages but our goal is to offer it in the future so stay tuned for information about that!!  Just as an aside, this is not meant to be a replacement for videography coverage and we are not planning on offering video services anytime in the near future.
As a last note, this was a total surprise to Julie & Weston as they did not even know that we were taking short video clips throughout the day.  We hope you guys like your PhotoFusion!!!