June 6, 2012

Well this was just plain too much fun.  We happened to mention to Fernando and Lorena that we would love to do an underwater session with them in the gorgeous crystal clear water of Roatan Island and on the day before their wedding, we set out into the water to have some fun!  With a camera tucked safely inside underwater housing, we ventured into the world of underwater photography.  We have taken photos in and around water before (camera partially submerged in the Gulf of Mexico for example) but the crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea provided us with a unique opportunity to photograph completely submerged.  It was seriously so much fun and definitely qualified as a comedy as we all took turns submerging.  It was definitely a challenge for the couple to try to appear peaceful and calm underwater.  And it was challenging for us as we discovered a little game of leap frog (I’ll hold you under while you photograph if you hold me under while I photograph) helped us overcome a little problem called buoyancy.